Working with Us

If yours is a well established and financially sound Company we will support your reliable growth; if your company pursues specific objectives, we will still help enhance your stability and reputation. We at ITS provide you with your kind of desired services in various types of web based applications.

ITS is a team of hardworking experts and you will enjoy working with them.

Our Expertise

We at ITS can support you in Software Development, System Integration and also provide you with a number of Professional Services.

ITS has already made a name in making Operation Systems and designing Cloud based or Shrink wrap solutions for a number of big and small organizations and companies. We can help you in developing Mobile Apps, developing Websites and Web applications, Developing Business applications, Developing White Label Software or Customer Portal Software.

With the growth of companies there develops a lot of fragmentation that makes the work process go slow. We at ITS help to design systems that keeps data organised and connected. This enhances the quality and speed of functionality.

Our Professional Services are there to support you in all kinds of business requirements like Software Consultancy, Hosting, Software Project Rescue, Source Code Recovery and maintenance.

We ensure you a satisfaction and believe in making your experience of working with us a pleasure.

Authentic Reasons

When you start working with us you will realize that we are the right partners for your business. You will appreciate our honest and realistic approach.

  • We talk and we listen. We communicate in English and make things clear as simply as possible. All you need to know and everything that you wish to be clarified will be offered in detail and in a jargon free language. There will be a single point of contact and you will not have to explain same points to different people. However our team will always be there to keep you informed. You will always have options open and you will always be able to see for yourself the ongoing work and the future of your business.
  • No licensing fees or other ongoing charges. We keep your Intellectual Property Rights safe and intact.
  • Access to a large team of in-house experts. We take pleasure in development tasks. As such we do not believe in saving costs through outsourcing your important projects.
  • Development of codes without the use of propriety plug ins. As such, you do not need to depend completely on us. You can proceed ahead with the code with any other Microsoft professional. You will appreciate the way we produce prototypes and you will be able to edit them yourself.

These are some authentic reasons for which you should accept to work with us.

Our Process: How we Work

Our working procedure differs according to the kind of project we undertake. However, there is a common procedure that is followed in most of the cases. Ours is a simple but streamlined process of working.

  • Step 1: We discuss and offer proposals
  • The first step in our working procedure is to develop proper communication. We invest time to know exactly what you want. We talk and discuss to acquire a complete understanding of the kind of service you require. We listen to your views and tell you about the kind of service we will be able to provide. We also discuss the difficulties that may arise and how they would be sorted out.

    Based on the discussions and our understanding of your requirements we prepare proposals that to suit you. You will then tell us about the proposal that may be best suited for your business. Once you accept a proposal and agree with the expenditure and timeline we move ahead in agreement.

  • Step 2: We hold meetings to develop the software.
  • When the proposal is accepted by you we start our work. We hold meetings with our experts both on the onsite and offshore levels. Our experts in the design team talk with your project stake holders. Our communication is convenient for you as we offer a single point of contact, make the project extranet accessible to the team members, keep tracking the progress of the work and keep you informed. It is at this level that we offer you a visual prototype of the software so that you can visualize it even before it is made.

    It is at this level that we provide you with the Functional Specification Document. This document written in simple comprehensive language will give you detailed information about all the specific features of your software.

  • Step 3: We develop the software.
  • The next step is the final development of the software. The in house team of qualified experts and design developers create the software for you. We avoid outsourcing as well as the propriety plug-ins. You will get software of unmatched quality.

  • Step 4: We test the quality of the software.
  • The design and codes are tested during development and finally on completion. A User Acceptance Test is also done and it is ensured that the users will finally get software according to written specs.

  • Step 5: We train, we host and we support.
  • Training options are available on demand. Customers and clients can join our training programmes for added efficiency in running the developed application. After designing and developing the software we can also Host the software for you. ITS has an excellent Hosting service supported by Rackspace.

    As part of maintenance and extended support we have one year break- fix warranty together with bug fixing and assistance in unfamiliar functionalities.

Contact Us

For any extra support or inquiry, you can always call or send an email to our Helpdesk. To do so, visit our Contact Us page.