White Label Software

If you want to have a software that you can license to your own customers or offer as a subscription to help streamline your company sales, then we can help you in building it. You can use our technology to help build your brand.

What is white label software?

White label software is the most convenient way for a business to add new value to its current clients and create a new strand in its portfolio without shelling out too much money and time in the product development department.

How can you use it?

Whether you are using web apps and mobile apps, desktop and cloud-based solutions, the Agile method is the most efficient way to efficiently and quickly conceptualize and design an application. With our white label software, you can:

  • Integrate product with other devices—It’s easy to create an app. What’s difficult is to integrate it to hardware and gather data from it. However, it’s not impossible. We have a solid experience in software and hardware integration which we can apply in your white label software.
  • Promote brand—We’ll use your brand’s color palettes and icons in designing the software if you want us to. This way, you can utilize a multi-tier marketing model more easily.
  • Increase profits—With white label software, you can increase your profits on a scalable marketing campaign and expand your business activities to a new inventory.

To know what kind of white label software we can make for you, you can visit our mobile apps and business apps page.

What can we do to help you?

We value quality work. So, once we discuss your business requirements, we would directly proceed to planning and developing the software. ITS also always offer the following benefits to every client we get:

  • running the app on your behalf and hosting it in Rackspace, a resilient data center
  • supporting and maintaining the app for you in accordance to the agreed SLAs or giving a 1-year warranty
  • giving a single point of contact, so instructions and updates can be relayed faster
  • clearing Intellectual Property rights to give you full ownership of the software
  • training on how to use the software on site or at our office
  • writing the specs in layman’s terms, so you can easily grasp the information stated in the document

In creating any software, we use ASP.Net MVC5 with C# and HTML5 programming. We use WPF for tablet and desktop components and WCF Web Services in linking different systems. For your database, we will use Microsoft SQL Server along with Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. However, if you often deal with big data, we utilize MongoDB, Oracle and MySQL are other options.

If you want to learn more about or white label software service, you can send us a message anytime. Please click our Contact Us page.