Web Application and Website Development

A web application is a program used via an internet browser. You can use it on your mobile devices, too. Because it’s accessible and easy to use, its popularity has spiked. Anyone with internet connection can use web applications without the need of installation, like that of a mobile app.


Businesses’ Need for Web App

Your staff, especially if it’s a small one, cannot work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And you don’t need them to. If you have a web application, you can let it serve potential customers even when there is no human support present.

A web app gives companies a flexible and cost-effective way to cater to clients from all over the world, any time of the day. It will give them access to important information and let them put their order when necessary. In other words, it will streamline your internal system and increase the efficiency of your employees. It also serves as an interactive tool that can encourage brand loyalty.

Benefits of Having a Web Application

You might be tempted to opt for mobile app over web application. While the former has its advantages, you can’t ignore the benefits you’ll get with a web app, too.

  • Discoverability—Web apps appear in search engines. Thus, they are easier to find and access. You don’t have to have iTunes, Google Play, etc. to search for it.
  • Maintenance—Web apps are similar to websites, so they’re simple and easy to maintain. When making changes, you only have to access the server in which the app runs.
  • Installation—Web apps don’t need to be installed. Thus, it will not take storage space on your phone. You can just search for it and bookmark it for later use.
  • Flexibility—A web app is not device-specific. In other words, anyone with any devices, may it be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC, can view it.


The Process to Creating a Web App

First, we have to know what you want for your business:

  • A web app with back-end payment processing system
  • A web app version of your current website
  • A web app with complete CRM back-end
  • A web app with hosted back-end, front-end, and a supplier or client portal system
  • A web app hosted remotely, locally, or synchronized with database back-end

We believe that complicated steps will only complicate the end product. Thus, the process we follow is quite simple. And since we value our client’s opinion, we make sure to discuss major features of the app before adding them.

  1. We will discuss your business with you. Understanding your business processes will help us in designing the web app.
  2. We will share our ideas and plans for the app. You are also welcome to add input.
  3. Creating the web application will ensue.
  4. We will submit it to you for review.
  5. Bugs will be fixed, and features will be changed, removed, and added until the app is perfected.
  6. Once the app is done, it will go live to seize the global market.

Since we partner with Microsoft, we primarily use Microsoft tools in building web apps. For the front-end, we use HTML5 served by C# and ASP.NET MVC programming. We also combine Web Services with Microsoft SQL Server for back-end database. Our expertise in AJAX and JavaScript helps us create an interactive web app. If you prefer, we also work with Oracle and MySQL.

A Responsive Web Application

What every business needs in their web app is responsiveness. It needs to have great design and work perfectly with any screen size—as small as a mobile phone or as big as a PC screen. To do this, our experts use adapting menus and other visuals to fit the app to the current screen. Only then can we create a good user experience.

Who Can Help You Achieve It

A productive, secure, and engaging web application is not hard to achieve with a reliable team. ITS team is an expert in creating cross-browser compatible and responsive web app.

So, whether you need to make an internal web app for financial management, a web app to improve customer service or one that will help you sell services and products online, we have the perfect solution for you. Our aim is to build a powerful web app that will win your target audience.

Some of the web applications we already created include one that:

  • automates daily administration processes like billing, printing, reporting, etc.
  • enables employees to add new fields, create forms, and generate reports
  • creates visual reports, highlighting important data and showing sales progress
  • contains self-help function for curious visitors
  • takes daily data, feeds it to the database, and updates customer information


Intellectual Property (IP) Rights of the Web App

Once we hand over the web app to you, you also assume full ownership of it. In other words, you will hold its IP rights.

Other than the transfer of ownership, you will also get the following:

  • Full training on how to use the app
  • Ongoing support service with the agreed service level agreement (SLA) and an access to the team’s in-house developers (optional)
  • Secure, quick, and scalable infrastructure and hosting (optional)


A Mobile App Vs. A Web App

Despite the benefits of web apps, they have their limitations. You can’t access it without internet connection, and you can’t connect it with other features of a phone.

If you are not yet sure of what kind of app you need for your business, you can talk to our customer support and we’ll discuss with you the pros and cons in detail. If you want, we can also advise a hybrid of a mobile and a web application to give you further custom solutions.

If you’d like to discuss if your business would need a web app, you can get in touch with us anytime.