Software Development for Startups

Venturing into a new business is not as easy as you think it is. You start from the very bottom, from scratch and keep aiming until you reach the peak of your career as a businessman. Upon starting, you need an efficient team to help you put up your business and stabilize operations.

Upon choosing the best software that suit and represent your business well, you might want to consider the following questions:

  • Does it meet my business needs?
  • Basically, you need a software that is best for your business. While there are lots of software applications out there, go for the one that can be easy to use but produce effective and reliable outcomes.

  • Will I be able to save money and time?
  • Money will always rule businesses. These opt for high-quality results from not-so-costly expenditure. We all want to spend less but receive a high return right? Choosing the best software that can save money and time is a must.

  • Will it make my employees’ job easier?
  • Doing things in an easy manner is what software applications are for. These get things done in an easy manner with accuracy and minimal time. We all want to achieve relevance in our jobs.

Ways We Can Lend a Helping Hand

We want nothing but the best for your business that’s why we are here to lend a hand. For years, we have been guiding new ventures as well as those start-ups that give subscription-based services. Here are some ways for us to help you:

  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • this will prove that your technical model really works and can compete in the market. Conduct market tests so that you can move to the second step in product development.

  • Leveraging Work Done
  • take the test version of the software application and turn it into an effective and reliable product.

  • Providing Finance Solutions
  • fund your development project even when there is absence of external funding or own funding is unavailable

The ITS Software

We support the Agile approach which seeks alternatives for projects. You can access software with complete visibility of the progress and development of your project.

Standard Benefits:

  • Discounts – new startups or ventures automatically gets discounts from us with the daily rates we offer to new businesses
  • Relevant delivery - we see to it that we serve you quickly through our efficient conceptualization during the design and building process of your preferred application
  • Fully hosted service – we take business seriously and ensure that every concern will be answered through installations
  • Support and maintenance – you can always count on us to support and maintain your software in accordance to the agreed SLAs
  • Provide training – you get more knowledgeable on your application as we provide full training for you
  • Intellectual Property (IP) – as a customer, you will always have your rights on your application resulting to having no ties in licensing contracts

Over the years, we have come across various clients with diverse startups and ventures and we are happy to know that our software application helped them reach the peak of their business.

The ITS Difference

Having the ability to understand and communicate well with our clients is our secret towards success. Time has been spent to ensure that that needs of our customers are very much focused on.

We love to expand our horizon through helping you in your venture. Should you have more inquiries, we will be delighted to discuss with you more about us. Contact our friendly team by visiting out Contact Us page.