Prototyping & Specification Writing

Often times we get caught off guard when our envisioned outcome doesn’t meet our initial requirements. You need not worry about that now since we guarantee you that with our prototype with the written functional specs won’t let you go through with that.

We claim the forte in building software since we do it with the utmost regard. We do not insist on what we want instead we highly take considerations of what you have in mind. Hand in hand with the prototype (the visualization of the project plan) and its functional spec (the blueprint), it will be an assurance of a very positive outcome that would be a perfect fit for what you want to achieve.

Why We Plan

Without thorough planning often leads to failure. Most software developers tend to overlook the importance of planning that is why their projects go circling down the drain. Concise planning lets you avoid mishaps such as errors, delays, and unwanted costs.

Usually, developers are enlivened when they get to see projects take shape even though they are just stuck in writing codes. This is mostly the reason why they take aside meticulous planning and just take shortcuts with the assumption that everything will go on well.

With regard to the customers, most of the time their main concern would be the time frame of a certain project. They want the software to be running the sooner the better, even at the risk of compromising the quality of the project. They tend to be more inclined with just its core functions, leaving out possible scenarios that could happen. More often than not, problems arise when the program is already finished and already in use. This will just be the time when the gaps will become too obvious to ignore and most likely need to be overhauled. Fixing these could incur system instability, additional costs and time loss which are the big no-no in software development.

To save you from all the functionality mishaps, unwanted costs and especially disappointments, we produce these for each of every project we handle:

  • A comprehensive and clear functional specifications. This would be the blueprint of your application that would best describe your exact outcome after development is done.
  • A functioning model of the new application (prototype). This would be the blueprint of your application that would best describe your exact outcome after development is done.

The Prototype

First, we need to develop a prototype for your new software. We will be working hand in hand with our team of Technical Architects making sure that we cross out all given requirements in details. During this moment our objectives will be:

  • Gather all the information needed for us to have a smooth flow with the planning and developing. With this, unforeseen gaps and bad scenarios could easily be avoided.
  • Propose effective concepts we already utilized as to ensure project success and as to maximize your investment.

Using our state of the art visual tools we will then create the prototype of the new system, a functioning model, for you to be able to see it firsthand. This will include precise workflow diagrams that would be the step by step guide for the user and demonstration of how would every screen will appear and how will it work.

With our visual approach, presumptions and unforeseeable errors could be greatly avoided. This will also promote a harmonious working state since all parties would precisely know the stages of the project.

Upon completion of the said prototype, written functional specifications will follow as to serve as the user’s guide and as to also ensure the involvement and knowledge of every stakeholder involved in the project.

The Functional Specification

Just like any other constructions, software development entails precise planning, paying attention keenly to material details, position, and measurement.

Functional specification mainly serves as the blueprint of your application. This will be the overall guide of your software that would further elaborate the contents and functions of each aspects of your application. Diagrams are emphasized as to clearly explain the functions, workflows, and graphical designs.

Coming up with a mutual agreement using our functional specification would be our main objective. It is crucial for us that you fully understand it as for you to truly understand the foundation of the software. We make it a point that our customers would not be worried in understanding technical terms so we deliver it in plain laymen’s term as possible.

The prototype with the functional specs will work together in delivering the detailed outcome of your application. They would be the pillars of your software and these will promote our quality processing, which will live out our promise of a successful application.

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