Independent Testing Services

ITS’ services of Quality Assurance and Independent Testing assure that the applications are thoroughly tested by employing industry standard techniques along with QA processes. ITS, depends on processes and people to create a plan of offshore testing for our clients. We follow thorough standards and procedures of testing and function in structured surrounding with assent of Level 3 SEI CMM standards.

ITS provides a whole range of Software Training and Software Quality Assurance services by enhancing quality of software application, availability and performance while controlling the costs as well as risks for clients.

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What makes ITS different?

  • We possess the right vision, capability to execute, along with stability to be a good testing partner for your business organization
  • We provide onsite-offshore customer centric model to deliver autonomic software QA and testing services
  • We believe to attain excellence to deliver value to our partners and customers
  • We have a successful track record to execute challenging engagements, manifested tools and methods, and a rich process-oriented approach which overall depicts our immense capabilities
  • Our philosophy is to maintain customer satisfaction to the highest level and this assures about our 100% possession of reference ability
  • We possess the best of the Processes, People, Infrastructure, Technology, Quality, Security, along with protection policy of Intellectual Property Rights.

Our Services

We provide independent services of QA and Testing covering the whole software release lifecycle. Our services of QA aid you in delivering your software with perfect confidence as well as full refined in the market. This consists of formulating test cases and plans, execution, defect reporting and analysis, assessments of risks and suggestions.

Software Verification & Validation
  • Functionality/Black Box Testing
  • Testing of Unit
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility/Configuration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Integration/Installation Testing
  • Vulnerability or Security Testing
  • Structural/ White Box Testing
  • Localization/ Internationalization Testing
Performance Engineering Services
  • Testing of load
  • Testing of endurance
  • Spike testing
  • Thorough Transaction Testing
  • Tuning of Performance
  • Architectural benchmarking
  • Planning of capacity
  • Monitoring 24x7 service
  • Performance Consulting
Software QA and Process Consulting
  • Process Consulting
  • Test Management and Strategy
  • Analysis of Gap
  • Training
Test Automation
  • Automated Testing
  • Consulting
  • Execution

Our Experience

ITS, has finished successfully above 100 testing engagements covering a diverse technological spectrum, complexity and scope for clients of worldwide. ITS’ clients are ISVs evolving CRM, ERP, SFA application, providers of healthcare solution, e-retailers, software development, insurance and many more.

Our Programs

  • ISVs
  • E –Retailers
  • Software Development & Consulting companies, System Integrators
  • Independent Game testing & Software companies

Why Outsource Testing to ITS?

  • Autonomous environment of testing that is impartial, objective as well as unbiased
  • To grasp on testing the best practices found in the market
  • To develop quality acceleration with business organization
  • To offer necessary attention on Testing with higher traceability and accountability
  • To minimize risk and support after launching of project
  • To diminish financial risks and assure cost containment
  • To refine productivity together with turnaround time
  • Professionals on testing tools’ range