ITS is a trusted name in the field of software development. It is UK based company, one of the most proficient bespoke software developers. ITS is a trusted name as

  • Our approach towards development is unique.
  • We blend the traditional with the modern methods to develop quality software
  • We are fast developers

At ITS, we develop smart and insightful web-based applications that are financially lucrative and help individuals and organisations in their businesses. We are UK based bespoke software developers who offer a number of services in Software development and Systems Integration. We also develop a variety of professional services including our Cloud Hosting Service.

What is Hosting Service?

Hosting is posting a software application on the net. If you have created an application, a webpage or a website you will need to make it accessible on the internet. You will want your application, webpage or website to be seen on the internet. For this you will need a ‘web host’ or a ‘web hosting service provider’. ITS is one such service provider that can help you in making your application accessible on the web.

ITS’s cloud Hosting Service

At ITS, we are greatly concerned about our customers and clients. We develop a website for you and create a server to host it smoothly. After hosting your software we ensure its security and also take care of its up gradation and maintenance. Hence we have developed cloud hosting services in collaboration with Rackspace, the industry leaders in hosting. Our collaboration with Rackspace makes our service fast and adds quality that our clients appreciate.

Cloud Hosting allows a stronger and more reliable hosting. It is stronger as it remains least affected in cases of local power disruptions and natural disasters. It is far more reliable than other alternatives because there are a number of other computers that can counteract in case of a single hardware break down.

We at ITS are greatly concerned about the security in our Cloud Hosting Service and our collaboration with Rackspace has made it very special and useful.

If you agree to accept our Hosting service, you will get the following benefits:

  • Cost effective billing
  • Great performance
  • High level accessibility
  • Software licensing without investment

You will be able to increase or decrease the number of servers according to requirement. You will have no fear of downtime as an immediate back-up is available as your services will be upgraded regularly without a single moment’s downtime. The traffic levels and bandwidth usage will be monitored and you will be kept informed about any changes that occur. This will allow you to get your desired level of service.

We offer a number of hosting options and we also counsel our customers to select the right one.

Why Clients choose ITS’s cloud hosting?

There are different reasons for different clients. Some have opted for our cloud hosting service because it is so hassle free and simple. Some have chosen it for its high availability while others admire its secure and reliable environment.

We hope to satisfy you with our cloud hosting service and await your call. For more information or any specific detail, call us.