Custom Software Development Services

ITS, is a prime software company that renders custom software development services to thousands of clients from all over the world. We offer these services when packaged software doesn’t adequately meet the necessities and strategies of business. We work with our clients very closely and devotedly to comprehend their objectives in business, and software necessities.

Custom App
Custom App

Our team of experienced and professional business analyst along with subject matter expert inculpates to note down specifications and design, develop, architect, test and assimilate the custom software over many other platforms and software. And this even comprises of internet, cloud as well as different systems that enables functioning of the system and operate optimally smooth for our customers.

Our services of custom software development assist our clients to create and unify provincial applications of business or websites with server and systems of legacy of clients. We build and employ rugged, extensible and scalable architectures for utilizing in extensive industrial range.

Our services of custom application development consist of

  • Business analysis and required documentation
  • Viability and requirement analysis
  • Architectural development, application designing and enactment
  • Web development, user interface designing, services of PSD to HTML conversion
  • Services of software product development for ISSV
  • Support and maintenance of software
  • Consolidation and integration systems
  • Services of migration, re-engineering, modernization, porting and tuning of performance
  • Execution of off the shelf systems and along with software packages like SharePoint

Our Approach

ITS follows two vital approaches for assimilation engagements and application development:

Plan-Build-Manage(Entire lifecycle of Software Development)

We presume under this approach entire lifecycle of software development begin and completion liability for business requirement specification, analysis, design, implementation, architecture, integration and testing of a system with the help of other systems.

  • Plan
  • ITS renders experience and expertise in domain, business process automation, industry vertical, change and process management. It personalized software development as well as architectural design for recommending technological solution which will fulfill the business criteria and objectives for client’s success.

  • Build
  • ITS offers services of custom software development, independent testing, design integration and implementation for delivering fast developed, flexible and scalable architecture which lines up with the business objectives of client. We completely address issues of technology, process and people for assuring a successful assimilation of custom software solution.

  • Manage
  • ITS, develops signified customer software applications along with post enactment problems in mind. This involves but is not limited to ensure new architecture grounds on stern standards of quality for enabling affordable operations, support and facile adaptations in future. ITS could render custom application’s post implementation management for assuring that present solution develop with the arising business requirements of our clients.

Cooperative Development

We function intimately with in-house IT personnel of our clients to design, analyze, develop, implement, integrate and test with new systems. A main fact of such offering is to render staff accession and cover the gaps where every internal IT department requires help.