Bespoke Database Development

Get better data control and better insights by making bespoke SQL Server databases. These can also help you improve business efficiency and analyze operational trends that’ll help scale your business’ position in the market.

Database Development

A database is usually found at the center of any business software application. It coordinates with the system’s functionality and stores all critical data.

We mix offline and online, desktop and mobile, and cloud and local to create a fully functioning customer database software that could address your business needs. Our goal is to help managers, employees, suppliers, and customers process and access data in real-time through an intuitive user interface.

Different Databases for Different Companies

You can be a big company in need of a comprehensive enterprise database that’ll serve different locations and allow many users to access data at the same time. Or you can simply be a small business that is quickly expanding and needs to use an improved access database to cater to your growth. No matter what your current business standing is, as long as you are in need of a database, ITS can help you.

A few of the databases we can construct for your business includes:

  • Local databases: accessible through the local network or the internet
  • Cloud or remote databases: allows you to access database from any location
  • Multi-tenanted databases: serves multiple users at the same time
  • Synchronized local databases: connects different databases together

If you are not sure which database your business needs, we can guide you through it. We only need you to give us your business requirements and tell us about your business processes. We customize database according to how many people will access it at the same time, how often data will be retrieved and modified, who should be given full or limited access, and what hardware is available to use.

Database Not Working Properly

All the databases we make will allow you to conduct reporting and analysis in real time. Thus, you and your staff need not to spend hours deciphering information and looking for meaning. However, if the database is not performing the way it should be, we can help you in tuning it. Reasons for poor quality database include unfinished software.


Data Migration

Most of the systems we make are just recreation of an existing legal system. In other words, we usually spend time migrating data from one system to the other. Synchronization of data between the two is most crucial. Thus, we usually use the side-by-side system roll-out. ITS is confident of our ability to manage any complex data migration situations.


Technology Behind Database Development

Since ITS is a partner of Microsoft, we use Microsoft SQL Server along with Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. To cater to big data, we use MongoDB, a NoSQL database engine. SQL Server is known for its secure, scalable, stable, and quick retrieval of data. Thus, you can be sure that it’s perfect for the project. If you prefer, we can also use Oracle or MySQL.

For the front end, we use browser-based technologies like HTML5 and serve it using C# programming and ASP.NET MVC. For mobile and desktop app, we use WPF.


Security of the Database

As for the security of your business’ data, you don’t need to worry as Microsoft SQL server is considered to be the most secure database for more than 5 years. It completely protects your data as it values integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the most sensitive data. Moreover, it follows the standard multiple security and locks data from any outsider.

The Government, healthcare, financial services, education, and insurance industries have all trusted Microsoft SQL server with their data.

If you are not sure whether to get a new database or not, talk with us and we’ll give you some advice. We’ll be your partner all the way.