Bespoke CRM Systems

Customize and scale your CRM system, so you can achieve your customer engagement objectives, get customer insights and help your business highlight opportunities. With our efficient and cost-effective CRM solution, this is possible.

What You Can Get from Bespoke CRM

Companies normally attend to customer data through emails, paperwork, spreadsheets, and access databases. However, with a CRM system, you can dramatically improve your service by compiling all information into one platform. This streamlined system will give you a detailed view of your customer data.

Small and medium sized companies (SMEs) can use CRM to give staff access to information related to the customers. There will be no duplication, so information relay is more accurate and much quicker. With a good platform to enter all data, you no longer have to worry about losing any valuable information.

Large companies can use CRM to bring their marketing, service, and sales departments together. Connecting them through a common platform can build better working practice, identify opportunities quicker, and provide customer with better service. If done well, it can lead to enhanced customer engagement and increased sales.

How can they make this happen? The marketing department can create meaningful experiences for all customers by using the insights created through the data gathered. Meaningful experiences breed brand loyalty, so this will improve company ROI. On the other hand, the service department can use the data in the platform to improve customer engagement and make sure everyone is satisfied. Lastly, the sales department can use the same data to identify the number of sales and up-sell opportunities in real time and get insight on the company’s sales pipeline.

Development of CRM System

ITS builds a CRM system that matches your exact business needs and is in line with its processes. We aim to keep the system simple, so users don’t get confused on how to handle it. We don’t believe in adding extra fields and features which might look cool but do not actually streamline the system and are inappropriate for your kind of company. That is because we understand that the main reason why CRM systems fail is their inconsistency.

In creating a CRM, we make sure that it:

  • allows you to add new computers and users without paying a license to conduct the action
  • integrates all key applications and systems as needed by your business e.g. Gmail, marketing automation platforms, and accounting packages
  • contains features that you can allow and block to cater to changes made in your business processes
  • integrates social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • sets permission to individuals to access sensitive data
  • permits you to make different dashboards for the different departments within the company
  • adjusts the size of the platform according to the device’s screen with a more responsive design
  • gives secure access to sensitive data 24/7 from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • allows you to pull data from the storage and produce reports with just a click of a mouse
  • segments data into lists, so users can easily make and send personalized email campaigns

ITS is also known for building feeds and integrating CRM to mobile apps and web apps. We see this as a great way for businesses to give staff to monitor and get updates from customers.

Managing a CRM System

At the beginning of the process of CRM system development, we ask that you tell us your usual business processes. The discussion will be a great way for you to evaluate your company processes and see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. Once you’ve identified them, we can build an accurate system and support and an effective process that will advance your company’s growth.

To make sure that your CRM grows with your business, we’ll also talk about where you see your business in the future. Then, we scale the system according to your goals. We can give you different deployment options to cater any security, IT, and payment requirement changes. This way, you can modify and manage the system even without our help.

Because we don’t use any tools or plug-ins in creating CRM, you can also ask any Microsoft developer to make the changes you want in the software code. In other words, you are not tied up to us in any way.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call or go to the Contact Us page.

Technology Used in the Creation of CRM

Being a partner of Microsoft, ITS makes Microsoft ASP.Net MVC5 as a primary tool in creating CRM. This is used together with C# and HTML5 programming. For tablet and desktop components, we use WPF and for linking systems together, we use WCF Web Services.

In our database, we utilize Microsoft SQL Server with an extensive use of the Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. When necessary or upon request, we also work using Oracle or MySQL system.

If you’ve decided to create a CRM, contact us now and let’s improve your customer engagement together. Visit our Contact Us page.