Application Support and Maintenance

The consistent changes and upgrades of technology prompt a company’s software to experience several malfunctions. Hence, it is an essential step to keep the software updated and maintained. With this, features can be well maximized, and users can enjoy the benefits of its optimal functionality.

Whether it is new or existing software, our team of experts can fix any bug or help you maintain its features. Aside from this, we are long-term partners. Once the application is installed, we continue to provide constant and competent services to your system throughout its lifespan.

What you can get from our Application Support

We cater the same quality services to new and existing customers alike. If you happen to be one of our customers, a support agreement allows you to enjoy the following support services:

  • Easy in-house helpdesk accessibility
  • Prioritized bug fixes
  • Basic support in technical know-hows
  • Maintenance of the background system
  • Email support system
  • Additional analysis of database
  • Backup or data restoration
  • Telephone support services
  • Advanced remote support
  • Easier management of meetings and account
  • Proper analysis and retention of the source code
  • Faster data import and export
  • Retrieval of data from former versions

A perfect Service Level Agreement is one of our priorities, so we ensure that services can be readily delivered through our in-house team, virtual helpdesk, or group of developers. Failure to commit a long-term of competent services on our part will entitle customers a year of warranty.

How to Request for our Services

Whenever you have requests or concerns, these can be logged through the online helpdesk or you can contact one of our accommodating support officers. In the instances that the support staff cannot readily solve the issue or answer the query, the entire issue will be passed to the Quality Assurance or QA team. This way, queries and concerns will be dealt by our in-house experts.

The helpdesk system also allows you to see previous and current requests and queries. Edits and extra details can be added depending on the user’s preference. The online helpdesk system is available on weekdays from 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. As for requests and concerns after office hours, our staff will have them regularly checked and monitored. Moreover, you can contact our support staff through email or telephone, whichever you deem is fast and convenient.

Request Guide for our Committed Customers

The following set of procedures is for ITS Software’s existing customers who want to request for additional services or who are looking for help with their software.

First step

  • Make a full description of the problem.
  • Elaborate the actions taken before the error occurred.
  • Take a screen shot.

    To do so, click the print screen button on the upper part of your keyboard. Open a new Microsoft Word document and paste the screen shot. You can either right-click on the page and click paste, or you can simply press CTRL and V together.

  • Save the file along with the full description and preceding action taken by the user.
  • Send the file to our e-mail
  • Once your email is sent, an email of confirmation will be sent back to you.
  • This entire request process will entitle you a “ticket” request in our Helpdesk system, and it will be sent to one of the support staff or QA team.

Second step

If the issue is an emergency, complete the first step and call us. You can perform this step whenever the problem hinders you and your staff from maximum work productivity or when issues affect the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

To know more about our high-end, quality support and maintenance application, you can browse on our website or send us a call or e-mail.