Application Maintenance Services

ITS’s services of application maintenance extends much more than optimizing and managing prolific applicants of software. We even comprehend the operational challenges that include in supporting legacy software and applications, outdated technology. Hence, ITS’s portfolio based, consulting approach considers a holistic perspective of technology, people, services as well as information architecture in account while we render services of application maintenance. Our approach of portfolio based even permits unparalleled customization levels in our process to fulfill the individual requirements of the client’s necessities, objectives as well as the budget.


The application maintenance services of ITS aid to attain the best thing out the prevailing applications of IT. Our methodology of application maintenance is whet and mature. It boosts the systems’ life, assures about the development of applications with business, minimizes downtime of the system, and assists to concentrate on strategic techniques by reducing the time spent on everyday activities and tasks. ITS’ processes of application maintenance consist of rigorous documentation of application attributes along with mapping processes of business to application portfolios, assuring high business levels, and apprehending application. By reducing the volatility and downtime of application, teams of application maintenance remain ready to offer quick response to any vital alteration requests and business requests. ITS even assures of easier maintenance of application by questioning dismissal as well as bigger cost low value of business or its criticality.

How does it operate?

We begin the engagement with apprehending our client’s domain of business, roadmap of technology, processes as well as application portfolios, and then develop and line up the structures of team to provide better support of application from our offshore teams. ITS even control offshore maintainability and capability analysis to assure domain resource and expertise readiness is found in our delivery offshore center.

ITS, provides support of maintenance following two models of engagement:


Committed Application Support Team

ITS, is a company of custom software application development so it can build up a devoted support organization and point out the correct resources for the supported application within application portfolio. The resources will render important values to the efforts of application support with time. Such services of software maintenance start typically with right maintenance, developing to perfective, preventive and adaptive maintenance. ITS application maintenance involves support of application, functional, technical, ongoing increments as well as to the cloud and mobile.


Application Maintenance on Demand Services

ITS services of application maintenance even are obtainable on an on-demand basis where our application maintenance consulted services can be executed on piece meal or project basis. We even provide engagement models on pool, hours, retainership or per hour basis.


Our well-skilled team of offshore software support offers application enhancement and maintenance services that in turn render fast business value to your business organization:

  • Liberate up your worthy IT staffs along with other resources for more core, strategic techniques
  • Brings up the best solution of technology and experienced experts of maintenance to the work
  • Significant diminution of prevailing costs on software maintenance
  • Reduced risks and enhanced predictability
  • Deliver of program enhancements and fixes on time
  • Refined knowledge management along with reverse tool based engineering
  • Complete software portfolio development
  • Variability of cost for cyclical businesses
  • Prevailing line up with trends of industry

Our experience

ITS can render 27x7 services for application portfolios depending upon your requirements, budgets as well as the favored engagement model. The expertise of ITS, covers Java, J2EE, Microsoft Technologies, Open source along with many other platforms, languages, databases, enterprise and software applications.