Who We Are

ITS is a European based firm, head quartered in the prestigious Piccadilly of London, along with offices at the heart of Berlin's Tech Valley, and Gurgaon, one of India’s core cities for technology and inspiration. We have embraced the European technology market by offering a host of services and products which span across our different business units, ranging from technology development, design and execution of SAAS, PAAS platforms, digital marketing services and R&D for the latest technological processes. This combined with our business units in the services sector and product sector has put us in a great position to offer amazing solutions to our customers.


Our Vision

Given the multinational structure of our company and highly varied international client base, our vision is to deliver reliable, rigid and affordable solutions to our clients at affordable, on time, quality and affordable rates. Our goal is to leverage from our international setup taking the cultural requirements, local talent, different ways of thinking, and the unique offerings of the UK, Germany and India, and combine it to provide a working system that is robust and untouchable by our clients. This is the case whether we are delivering amazing applications, building our own software platforms, or helping other companies grow.

Our Technologies

With a wide scope of offerings we aim to provide flexible technical solutions, languages, frameworks and capabilities to all our clients in order to deliver tailor made solutions to them. We take or time, and treat each part of the SDLC in a robust way, with an engagement process that works across the 3 cities that we work out of.

Our Business Units

Our group is made up of multiple teams that deliver different services. Incrementum Technology in India focuses on the support of our European units, be it in the marketing, development of products, offerings of our services. We have the Rapid group which facilitates passports and visa applications for most Fortune 100 companies in the UK, we have Call-Tree, an SAAS assists call centres with call agents across a virtual network, and off course we have ITS which facilitates our technical support and services to European firms requiring our expertise.